This week on the PlayStation 2 Classics channel, Sony is giving you the opportunity to make your own game. RPG Maker 3 will be available through the PlayStation Store this week, and the sky is the limit on what you can create. Or rather, the incredibly limited resources are the limit.

You'll have to keep your expectations in check while playing this iteration of Japan's long running "do it yourself" series. This is not software that will allow you to compete with multimillion dollar projects like Final Fantasy or Skyrim. These are cheap little fun games designed to be passed around friends for a laugh or to provide a basic look into how hard it is to create even a thirty minute game.

Granted, there are plenty of deeper and more customizable options on PCs if its a masterpiece you are looking to create. With the Internet as a constant resource, there is no limit to what these engines have to offer. RPG Maker 3 puts a limit on aspiring gamer creators, and those who can create something really good through the adversity it offers are the ones who should graduate into the big leagues.

RPG Maker 3 is a decent option for $9.99, but if it were guaranteed a release, I would stick to the first RPG Maker game on the PlayStation 1. Creating 2D maps and working with sprites is just so much easier, and it just looks better too.