While you still won't be able to pop your old discs into your PlayStation 4, it looks like more of your old favorites will be appearing on the platform soon, according to a report from one anonymous tipper.

Eurogamer writes that "a well-placed source working with Sony's streaming service reveals that only PlayStation 3 titles are currently scheduled to use the 'gameplay over IP' cloud service," while PlayStation 1 and 2 titles will run on the system but with visual enhancements.

While Sony did away with hardware-emulated backwards compatibility, they've pursued emulation of the back catalog much more actively than Microsoft, and many previous-generation titles run well as downloads.

The highlight of all this is that Sony is, according to the report, trying to get emulation working without the less-than-stellar upscaling that the PlayStation 3 used. Unauthorized emulators have been able to get some very impressive upscaling working on some games, making the games look noticeably better without actually touching the game's code, and I'd love to see Sony do the same.

This is especially curious news considering the recent announcement of PlayStation Now, but the focus on upscaling should give fans not interested in getting PC emulation working something to look forward to.