Success in Fire Emblem Heroes can be attributed to luck just as much as it can be to persistence. However, as one player quickly discovered, buying your way through the game is not the best way to score your favorite character.

Reddit user Kookoo22 claims to have spent $1,000 on the title to see the odds of getting all the characters, and when all was said and done, he was still two characters shy of a full roster. Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade‘s Hector and Fire Emblem Fates’ Leo remained the 5-star characters he did not unlock.

Kookoo22 said he was only experimenting to see what he would land with that amount of cash.

I wasn’t rolling for anyone in particular, just wanted to see what I get. I haven’t done anything with the dupes yet because I’m waiting for more info on the best way to use them. It was kind of frustrating to get 6 Lyns.

His favorite character, Hinoka, was also the first 5-star character he pulled from his spree.

If you drop money like this, you might be doing it wrong

Remember, slow and steady wins the race. This is a game where unlocking characters is the main goal. If you spend a lot of money in the beginning in hopes to find your favorite, you’ll have nothing to aim for in the long haul.

Besides, if I had a spare $1,000 to experiment with, Fire Emblem would be the last place that money would end up.