There seems to be a general consensus amongst gamers that the GameCube had a pretty rockin' controller. The comfort of it in the palm of a hand, the excellent pressurized shoulder buttons, the placement of the c-stick in comparison to the face buttons.

And don't even get me started on the fabulous WaveBird controller.

The GameCube controller is a device of such masterpiece design that gamers were heart broken to learn that it would not be supported on Nintendo's current console, the Wii U. The only options are classic controllers, which are nice but lack the same level of quality, or the monstrous touch controller.

Never to worry, because third party peripheral developer Mayflash has stepped in to take on the job Nintendo should have handled a long time ago. It has just launched an adaptor which allows GameCube support on the Wii U for just $16.99 on

Currently the only games which can support a GameCube controller on the Wii U are Wii games which allow the use of either it or a classic controller. GameCube games are not backwards compatible on the console, but Nintendo has mentioned they are looking into releasing them on a Virtual Console like service.

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