amiibo tap

Nintendo has launched a pretty interesting idea in Japan called amiibo Tap: Nintendo's Greatest Hits for the Wii U. Using an amiibo with this new app will grant players 3 minutes of a huge list of Nintendo's classic line-up. Most of these are available through Virtual Console already, but hey, it's free, even if its just for three minutes.

In fact, three minutes is all I might need to get me in the mood to play some Super Metroid or Super Mario World for a quiet afternoon. It's a nice little demo that might cause me to drop money on a classic favorite. Another tap of the same amiibo figurine will take players to what Nintendo believes is the high point of that game, like the Armos Knight battle in The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Man, I don't even need the app to get the itch to play it! I got it just by writing about it!

The kick is that you do not get to choose the game your amiibo unlocks. Each amiibo unlocks a random game that has no affiliation with the character you are using. Your Marth might unlock something amazing like The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, but at the same time, your Mega Man might only gift you something crummy like Wario's Woods or Yoshi.

Stupid blue robot… check out at trailer and full list of game's below. No word on amiibo Tap in America just yet, but I can only imagine the rage that this app might cause in this day and age of "gamer entitlement."

Thank goodness Urban Champion is not in the offering, although that might be a good way to sell more Wii Us. I mean, Nintendo fans will have to buy a new one once they start chucking their old ones out of their apartment window.


Super Mario Bros. 
Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA version) 
Super Mario Bros. 3 
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels 
Kirby's Adventure 
The Legend of Zelda 
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link 
Dr. Mario 
Mach Rider 
Ice Climbers 
Kid Icarus 
Donkey Kong 
Donkey Kong Jr. 
Balloon Fight 
Wrecking Crew 
Clu Clu Land 
Wario's Woods

Super Nintendo

Super Mario World 
Super Mario Kart 
Kirby's Dreamland 3 
Kirby's Super Star 
Kirby's Dream Course 
Super Metroid 
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past