Wreck-It Ralph is the computer animated film that debuted in trailer form last week from the folks at Disney. In this upcoming flick, Ralph, fake arcade game villian, decides he no longer wants to be a bad guy. He abandons his role in Fix-It Felix Jr., the fake game in which he resides, and starts a journey through the gaming universe.

Disney has gone and made it so you can play Fix-It Felix Jr. right now, for free, in your browser.

I'll be completely honest; even if this was a genuine arcade game from 1982 (it's not, promise), it's pretty terrible. The soundtrack, the gameplay and the mechanics are super lame. But, hey, it'll draw a mild chuckle from you for, maybe, five minutes. And it does so in the name of what looks like a great movie featuring real video game characters in cameo form.

Make sure you watch the trailer for Wreck-It Ralph if you consider yourself a lover of gaming both modern and classic. I took a break from the E3 action last week specifically to settle in and catch the clip. I don't regret doing so at all.

Because of its special gaming themes, we'll be keeping an eye on Wreck-It Ralph as it moves from production to the big screen. Will you be seeing this flick?