In Halo 4, players will be able to take on the role of the Flood in what appears to be a new take on a relatively old multiplayer game type.

CVG was at the Eurogamer Expo when that capture the offscreen video you see above. Sorry for the quality, folks.

It looks like the new Flood style game mode is essentially a reskinned and reconsidered version of Infection, a game type that a lot of Halo fans already know and love. Essentially, Spartans take on infected characters. The infected have swords, the Spartans have shotguns. Once a Spartan dies, he comes back as a member of the infected party. Rinse and repeat until every Spartan on the map is dead.

343 Industries have gone and taken that game mode and added contextual skins that make sense in the Halo universe…sort of. The infected are now members of the Flood, complete with weird pokey things that cause death and reanimation.

What do you think of the choice? Is it one you prefer?

[via CVG]

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