Minicraft is a game created by Markus "Notch" Persson for the Ludum Dare competition. Notch, in case you don't already know, is the creator of the extremely popular sandbox game called Minecraft.

Minicraft has been ported for play on Android devices. It was not done by Notch or Mojang, but an external party called Folstad Consulting. That makes it wholly unofficially and likely a bit buggy.

With that said, the Folstad folks have gone and made their porting job completely free to snag and play. It works, according to the Market page, on Android devices making use of 1.6 and up.

The Ludum Dare is a contest that's been held typically several times a year since 2002. Participants are challenged to create a game centered around a chosen theme in just 48 hours. One winner is picked from the batch. The 22nd running of this contest, and the one that Notch's Minicraft was entered into, boasted more than 800 participants. The theme was "Alone." A winner has not been chosen yet.

This Minicraft port is not perfect. You'll take issues with the controls and unresponsive nature; but, seeing as it's both unofficial and entirely free, we find it hard to complain about the porter's work. If you're a fan of what Notch built in the Minecraft world and you're looking for a way to kill time on the go, there's no harm to be done in at least checking this one out.

Alternatively, you could always play the title in-browser for free.

[via Android Market]