Superhero geeks and Pikmin fans alike now have a much better look at the upcoming Wii U launch title The Wonderful 101, and personally, I don't think there is a more exciting game in the line-up. Platinum Games is one of the hottest names in action games these days, their latest looks like a blast!

Imagine taking a handful of superheroes from the vein of Viewtiful Joe, whose creator incidentally works at Platinum Games, and tossing them into a strategically controlled mass of tiny bodies like the Pikmin games, and that should give you the best idea of how to describe this gem. Together, this blob of superheroes can meld their bodies together into giant fists, destructive bazookas, or enormous sword to down opponents.

A cryptic message at the end of the trailer could also indicate an option to customize your own superhero amongst the crowd, or "we forgot you" could just be to let you feel more apart of the experience.

The Wonderful 101 was introduced at E3 this year as Project P-100. With its new name in tow, it will available for the Wii U's launch this November 18th, and it will also be exclusive to the system.