If you’ve ever wanted to work at a video game company making the titles a slice of the internet obsesses over for weeks, months and years, you’ll probably really enjoy this new recruitment video from Platinum Games.

Personally, I dig it because it shows a lot of the work space, people involved and passion these folks show. Now, I have no interest in working at Platinum Games, but I absolutely appreciate some of the one liners from the video. Leave it to an inspirational Japanese video to say things like, “How many games can one person make in their life? Probably not many.”

Ouch. We’re all gonna die, I get it, Platinum.

If you actually want to work specifically at Platinum, and you fancy the idea of living in Japan, you can head to their careers page and check out what’s on tap.

Platinum is based in Osaka, Japan, probably one of my favorite cities in the country. That’s based on super limited knowledge, but there’s some cool stuff to see in Osaka, and it has some of the best food in the world.