Despite a few tepid efforts here and there (like the The Legend of Korra game from the Avatar universe and Transformers Devastation), I still think Platinum Games is a hot developer worthy of the world’s attention for their ability to make great action titles.

Heck, look at the recent NieR: Automata by Platinum and Square for proof that this company makes outstanding software. This developer is stellar when it gets time and space to make something grand, and they’re more successful than unsuccessful in that regard.

As for their Nintendo Switch title? We’re not sure what it will be, but Platinum Games’ Head Producer Atsushi Inaba told Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu that the title is both underway and “interesting.”

Listen, Platinum’s baseline for games is “weird.” Think about, say, Bayonetta, The Wonderful 101 or Vanquish. Those games are great, no doubt about it, but they’re also extremely weird.

If a Platinum producer is saying that this Switch title is “interesting,” I’m willing to bet that it’s going to be absolutely bizarre. And I sort of love that idea.

Whatever they’re working on, we’ll keep you posted. Stay tuned.