Bayonetta Mini-game Platinum Games

Here’s a fun diversion if you’re a fan of Bayonetta, Platinum Games and ways to waste time. The studio has created a game for its official site’s 404 page. Why not?

As the site’s actual description reads, this mini-game is simply titled Angel Land. It’s incredibly silly. You, mini Bayonetta, stand in the bottom left corner as simple angels come at you slowly. You’ll jump, double-jump and shoot in order to defeat them. If they make it to you, you’re dead. The mini-game comes complete with a chip-tuney version of the game’s main song.

Here’s a link to the 404 page, in case you’re dying to try this.

Now, the cool thing? It works on mobile devices. Here it is on my iPhone in Chrome. Sweet deal. The only problem? No music this way.

Bayonetta Mini-game Platinum Games on Mobile