PopCap's crazy popular tower defense title is getting a nice and hefty update for iOS users. The game has been out for more than two years now, yet the devs behind it are still providing this big batch of support.

New game modes, new achievements, new shop items and new mini-games await you should you choose to update Plants vs. Zombies on your iOS Device. Of course, not updating would just be silly; this is a ton of content to avoid for any fan of zombie busting glory.

The features are unique based on which version (HD or regular) you own.

Here, from PopCap's press release, is what you can expect to see when you update your game.

Plants vs. Zombies HD Update for iPad (Features at-a-Glance)

  • 3 new game modes: Zen Garden (free with option to add Mushroom Garden and Aquarium Garden); Vasebreaker Endless (includes 8 levels of Vasebreaker); and I, Zombie Endless (includes 8 levels of I, Zombie)
  • 4 new mini-games: Slot Machine (free), plus option to add a mini-game pack, including Zombiquarium, Portal Combat and Beghouled Twist
  • Game Center leaderboards: Features new menu section and added GameCenter support for four all-new leaderboards – Zombies Killed, I, Zombie Endless, Vasebreaker Endless, and Peking Express
  • 28 New Game Center achievements
  • Mystery sprouts: New Crazy Dave shop items that when purchased will add a plant to your Zen Garden: Normal, Bronze; Silver and Gold
  • Additional coin packs: In-app coin purchases allow players to accelerate game progress much faster than is possible through straight gameplay. Coin packs are available in increments of 100,000 – 250,000 coins ranging from U.S. $.99 – $3.99 with options, including:
    • Dr. Zomboss' Piggy Bank
    • Crazy Dave's Lost Wallet
    • Sunflower's Golden Chest
    • Marigold's Coin Pot
    • Stinky's Secret Stash

Plants vs. Zombies Update for iPhone and iPod Touch (Features at-a-Glance)

  • Vasebreaker game mode (includes 8 Vasebreaker levels and Vasebreaker Endless)
  • 4 new Game Center achievements
  • All-new Game Center leaderboard for Vasebreaker Endless, so players can track their scores within the player community

Aside from the coin packs, most of these goodies are free. Enjoy.