Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Launch Trailer (ESRB 10+)

The team behind Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare has a new name and a new goal.

With Garden Warfare out the door, the 40-person team behind the quirky shooter is now officially known as PopCap HD, according to an interview by DigitalSpy with PopCap's Franchise Marketing Manager Gary Clay. The HD team is focused entirely on PC and console development and is separated from the mobile development team.

So what're they up to now?

"We're working on Peggle 2, and we're working on updates for Peggle 2, and looking at bringing that to other platforms in the future, and new IP as well," says Clay. Clay's keeping the details on the new IP quiet. Whether or not it's related to an existing franchise is for us to fantasize about for now.

I'm also glad to hear that the team is working on updates for Peggle 2. While I genuinely enjoyed the game, there weren't enough Peggle Masters to keep me playing as long as I did the first Peggle.

Garden Warfare was a surprising departure for PopCap and is a genuinely refreshing take on shooters. I'm excited to see what other ideas PopCap has up their sleeves. For now, look forward to our review of Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare early next week.