Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

We sat in on a roundtable style interview for Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare today with PopCap Producer Brian Lindley. Much of the discussion within was centered around topics that will inform our review of the game, though there were a few stats and newsworthy items brought up.

As we know so many of you like to get into the gritty numbers for the newest batch of consoles, we took notes when another member of the press asked Lindley about the resolution and FPS for Garden Warfare on the Xbox One. Lindley initially explained that the game definitely runs at 60FPS on the Xbox One. He was a bit shaky on the resolution, but he said he knew that it outputted at 1080p.

Internally, what the Xbox One actually runs the game at, he wasn’t sure. That’s the bit in the interview when we heard a series of taps on a keyboard.

When questions ended and the handler from EA asked Lindley if he had anything to add to the conversation, Lindley offered that he received clarification from the dev team regarding what resolution Garden Warfare runs at on the Xbox One.

Lindley found, “after sending a quick note” to his team, that the game is “actually internally at 900p.” He added, again, that he could confirm that point for us.

I also asked Lindley about plans to release the game’s soundtrack for consumers; it’s one of the lesser talked about high points of the package so far. Lindley explained that he wasn’t sure what the plan was yet for distributing the music, though they definitely want to release it down the line.

That’s when the PR handler cut in and offered that EA will be giving out codes for the full soundtrack to EA Insiders on Tuesday, the day of launch. If you’ve liked the sound of this game so far, you might want to take heed then.

We’ll be reviewing Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare soon, so stay tuned.

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