There are no microtransactions in Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare at launch. This has been stated and confirmed by several personalities at PopCap.

Isn’t this both overwhelmingly depressing and really exciting at once? We’re actually in an age in gaming where it’s huge news that a relatively big title like this Garden Warfare is shipping without microtransactions.

What do we mean by “shipping without microtransactions?”

We actually spoke briefly with PopCap Producer Brian Lindley about Garden Warfare last Friday during a press round table. We asked him about the notion that this game won’t launch with microtransactions, and then we asked him to explain how microtransactions might be added to the experience down the line.

It’s up to the community, really. If gamers want the ability to buy coins with real money in order to fast-track their Garden Warfare experience, EA and PopCap will give it to them. As for how it is at launch? The folks at VG247 did up the video showing off the real-money-less system that you see at the head of this post.

We’ll be reviewing Garden Warfare this week. No doubt, the absence of microtransactions will weigh positively on our review. It’s incredibly refreshing to see a game like this one ship without a reliance on real world cash. It’s especially refreshing since it’s coming from the halls of EA.

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare releases tomorrow on the Xbox One and Xbox 360. The PC version is slated to release later this spring.

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