I’m really not sure what about today’s Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare announcement I love most.

PopCap and EA are dropping the second free DLC pack for the game today (it’s available in a forced patch right this very moment). That bit’s cool, of course.

The announcement trailer for the pack, though, might be just as fantastic. I adore spaghetti westerns and the era of film they came from, and this trailer for the Zomboss Down DLC stinks of the stuff. It made me smile pretty much the whole way through.

Say what you will about EA and their treatment of gamers, believe me I’ve complained loudly as well, but, their treatment of PopCap’s Garden Warfare has been great. The online only shooter is cheaper than full retail titles, offers no microtransactions and boasts free DLC in the form of maps, modes and unlockables.

Garden Warfare‘s a wonderful little shooter, and its vibrant world and solid gameplay have managed to pull me in repeatedly since its release in February. If EA and PopCap continue to drop this sort of support for the game throughout the year, it’ll easily be one of my favorites.

Now, about that PC version supposedly coming soon. We haven’t head a release date or seen any footage. It’s coming. When? We’re not sure.