EA has added a new title to its EA Access collection, the subscription service that brings, among other things, a free collection of games to members. The title is last year’s Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare, and since the program is only available on the Xbox One, gamers have access to the Xbox One version.

EA Access costs $4.99 a month. Garden Warfare comes alongside the likes of Battlefield 4Need for Speed Rivals and, also from Popcap, Peggle 2. The EA Access version of Garden Warfare includes all of the released DLC and updates, so gamers are getting into the full and complete version of the title with their subscription.

I adored Garden Warfare when it released last year on the Xbox One, and I enjoyed it even more on the PlayStation 4 a few months back. It’s a wonderful game, and it’s easily one of the best shooters out so far on the new generation of consoles. If you have EA Access, download Garden Warfare. It’s fantastic.

If you don’t have EA Access, well, you can nab Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for roughly $25-30. It’s worth that price window, too.

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