Get it? “Dug it?” Look, it’s very late here in LA, and I just finished spending the evening playing video games after standing in super long lines at a crazy loud Microsoft event. My puns tonight? They aren’t very good.

What was very good, though, was Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2. I had a chance to play the Graveyard Ops game type, a zombie spin on the defense cooperative mode in the original Garden Warfare.

Let’s make something clear off the bat here. I really enjoyed the original Garden Warfare. From its surprise announcement all the way to its release on the Xbox 360, PC and then PlayStation 4, I played and enjoyed each iteration. It’s no wonder, then, that when a demo station opened up during the Xbox Games Showcase, I hopped into the seat and played.

Graveyard Ops is basically horde mode, for those who have never played Garden Warfare. Thanks to Gears of War, by the way, for coming up with horde mode and making it very easy for me to explain game types to most gamers.

This time around, the zombies have a chance to play defense as clay pot wearing peashooters and giant fire breathing trees (ents?) try to attack a point that you’re defending.

I happened to pick the demo station that offered the Imp as a playable character. The Imp essentially has two fun forms, though the latter I had two issues with. First, he’s crazy fast and deadly with lower defensive stats. I was able to be the first to the attacking plants as the Imp, and I wound up dealing tons of damage early on.

The second form? That’s when the Imp calls down a mech much like a Titan in Titanfall. I don’t think that joke is a coincidence, either. This mech is super powerful, and the minigun is great at long range while stomps work wonders when enemies cluster near your feet.

My complaints? The mech is super slow. That one I understand, but I would really have loved to have a dash move in order to cover large distances. Even if that dash had a cooldown I’d be fine. Now, there was an extra slot in my action list that hadn’t been unlocked yet, so maybe the dash is coming.

My other issue with the mech was that I couldn’t leave it. I really wanted to switch back to the Imp form. Short of dying, there was no way that I could figure out that would let me exit the mech. I tried holding B, holding X, you name it, nothing worked.

It was still fun, though. If you’re reading this, PopCap, either tell me I’m crazy and explain how to exit the mech as the Imp or add the option to the game. Please?

Update: I’ve been contacted by PopCap a few times now! You can eject from the mech by pressing Y twice. Cool. There wasn’t a prompt as far as I could tell, but this is fine by me. Sorry for the mix up readers, I was hoping I was crazy.

EA announced during their presser that Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 will launch next spring. They also indicated that they’re going to roll with free content updates in the form of characters, weapons and maps. They did that for the original game, and it was awesome.