It's taken PopCap, the creators of phenomenal tower defense game Plants vs. Zombies, to develop a proper sequel, but we're only a few months away from seeing what the second iteration in the franchise has to offer. The developer on Monday released a teaser for Plants vs. Zombies 2 and said it will be out in July. No date or price was provided, and we don't even which platforms the game will be on, but we expect wide-ranging availability once it does hit.

PopCap put a unique spin on the familiar tower defense system when the first game hit in 2009, and the title was a natural fit on touch devices. Over the years Plants vs. Zombies has remained a favorite among the staff at TechnoBuffalo, and is universally one of the most beloved mobile games out there; it has charm, it's fun and offers just enough of a challenge to keep users always coming back. It's unclear how the second game will differentiate, but I'm sure we'll learn more information as July draws near. We'll be all over this one once it officially releases in July.