*WARNING* this following video has language not suitable for children.

Another day, another one of our pioneering online titles lost to forever. PlanetSide was one of the first first-person shooter MMORPGs to hit the market back in 2003, and as of this weekend, it no longer exists.

Daybreak Game Company, formerly Sony Online Entertainment, pulled the plug on the game after 13 years of management, but at least it sent the revolutionary title of in style. YouTuber Steven Messner was there to capture the final moments. He and his team were battling it out as they had done so for the past 13 years, but the planet already looked eerily depopulated with the curse of time whittling away the warring factions.

And then… the asteroids. Decades of warring over the planets regions ultimately proved meaningless, demolished and unwritten by the cruel hands of nature. 13 years of brutal combat and competition erased as if not a second had gone by in the grand scale of time.

In the end, nobody wins. 13 years of war wasted! Maybe if the clans had worked together, they could have hired Bruce Willis to save the planet. Trust me, that reference would have had more meaning when PlanetSide first launched.

I played PlanetSide for an afternoon but never really got into it. I was a little too wrapped up in this thing called the PlayStation 2 at the time to care.

However, PlanetSide was definitely important enough of a title that it should have been considered for preservation in some official capacity. We'll leave that up to the fans though, who are no doubt already on it.