The Planet Earth series is probably one of my favorite documentaries of all times. It took us around the world, venturing through different landscapes and following a variety of animals. It hasn’t aired in 10 years, though I own it for watching from time-to-time, and now a follow-up is scheduled for launch in November.

BBC One recently published the first trailer for Planet Earth II, which teases close-ups of new adventures. The clip shows bugs, some sort of living green goo, volcanoes, bats, what appears to be a coyote peeking over the roof of a building and other sometimes hidden treasures on our planet. There will be plenty of content to watch, even though it’s nearly half as short as the first series.

“A decade on from Sir David Attenborough’s Planet Earth, this new series promises to be an extraordinary experience for our audience,” BBC said when the show was first announced in February. “Filmed over three years across the globe with all the very latest technology, the series uncovers stories about the natural world we have simply never been able to witness before.”

Planet Earth II episodes will air in total and the show will be narrated by Sir David Attenborough from the original Planet Earth series.

Why this matters:

Planet Earth, if you haven’t seen it, offers one of the most thrilling looks at our planet. It’s enticing for young ones still learning about the world, as well as adults who will continue to find fascinating new facts in each episode. Plus, it’s a great excuse to buy a 4K TV; Planet Earth II  is shot in Ultra HD. Here’s the Planet Earth II trailer: