Pizza Hut isn’t exactly the first company we think of when we hear the words “cutting edge technology,” but that may change if the fast food chain makes good on a concept video for futuristic touch-screen tables. The short video, which was created with help from Chaotic Moon Studios, shows off a pretty amazing take on ordering pizza in the future, though we don’t expect to see the technology actually put to use any time soon.

In the new concept video, Pizza Hut swaps out the tables at its dine-in restaurants for massive touch-screen displays. Once you sit down, the first thing you’ll do is place your smartphone on the electronic table, activating the display and automatically signing into your own personalized account. Then you’ll design your pizza using the interactive screen before finalizing your order and paying through your device. Finally, the display lets you and your friends play popular mobile games while you wait.

There’s a lot to love in this concept video, from easy mobile payments to the interactive pizza menu. We have to wonder how Pizza Hut could keep these touch-screen’s clean and germ-free though, especially considering how greasy the main item on the menu often is. But in the end it may not matter. The technology is likely a long way off from rolling out to any fast food chain, though hopefully we’ll get to experience it ourselves at some point.