Pixelmator, one of the best image editing apps for Mac, has finally made its way to the iPad after being paraded onstage during last week’s Apple event. Following the iPad Air 2’s announcement, the app’s creators held a Pixelmator for iPad demo that was mighty impressive, showing off just how easy and intuitive the experience is on Apple’s new device. There is no shortage of photo editing apps in Apple’s ecosystem, but this looks to be among the best.

What’s makes the iPad app great is that there’s a lot of parity between its Mac counterpart. Along with a ton of effects, you also get image composition tools, layers, and retouch tools to clean up your image. Pixelmatr showed some of these options off during its demo, removing a camel from a desert scene.

Additionally, the app also provides tools for creating paintings and such from scratch, giving users the ability to annotate on images and use a number of stylized brushes of all sizes and shapes. There’s are also color correction tools, and templates to layout photos in frames and collages. The app is compatible with PSD, JPEG, PNG, PDF, and many other formats, and also supports easy sharing and iCloud Drive.

The app has been built exclusively for the iPad, and takes advantage of the 64-bit architecture Apple introduced with its A7 chip; the app requires iOS 8 and up. You can get it now in the App Store for $4.99.