Q-Games’ song of ice and fire, Pixeljunk Shooter, is about to get a gorgeous overhaul destined for the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita called Pixeljunk Shooter Ultimate. The puzzle/shooter hybrid charges players with manipulating worlds by combining ice and lava flows. All the while, stranded workers are in dire need of rescue from the lethal environment.

Double Eleven, the studio which ported the original to PCs and mobile devices, is working on the massive remaster which will give the animation a huge 60 FPS face-lift. Everything from the ships, which will be rendered in 3D models, and the environments will look that much more beautiful.

The new package will also seamlessly string together the levels from Pixelunk Shooter and Pixeljunk Shooter 2, retaining the same sense of urgency and exploration of the original hits.

“One of the most understated aspects of the Shooter series of games was the highly complex fluid simulation,” Double Eleven’s Richard Snowdon says of his studio’s progress.

“Most of the puzzles in the game require the manipulation of various fluids (water, lava, magnetic fluid, acid), each of which are made from several thousand particles to get the simulation looking perfect. The computational power to run this has given some quad core PC processors issues, so bringing this game to a portable handheld was always going to be a major challenge.”

The original Pixelunk Shooter is one of my favorite indie games on the PlayStation 3, but I never got around to playing the sequel. We’ll have to wait and see how long it takes for the PlayStation 4 to worm its way into my living room, because I’d like to give Pixeljunk Shooter Ulimate another spin. If successful enough, maybe they’ll even find time to give Pixeljunk Eden a second chance too.

Check out Snowdon’s full comments on the PlayStation Blog. The game will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita this summer.