Google might launch two new Pixelbook devices this year. Aside from a direct successor to last year’s Pixelbook, the Mountain View-based company could announce a budget-friendly model that takes advantage of the hybrid lifestyle. It would have a Surface Pro-like design that separates the tablet and the keyboard for quick transitions between modes.

In recent days, both models seem to have appeared online. The low-cost model was spotted in a video obtained by Brandon Lall and Chrome Unboxed. It’s a closeup that doesn’t give us too much, but there’s enough to gain some knowledge about what Google could do.

The ‘cheap’ Pixelbook runs Chrome OS; however, its hardware doesn’t resemble that of the first Pixelbook. It comes across as a non-metal, perhaps plastic or rubber. The video also exposes a simplified keyboard that has circular keys. Assuming this Pixelbook device is real, it does feel like Google wants to make affordability and portability important.

Here’s the 8-second clip, courtesy of Chrome Unboxed:

If you look closely at the area where the display and keyboard meet, the Pixelbook device does seem to have a dock-based connection. It’s just unclear if Google will use physical or magnetic connectors on both sides. Microsoft’s used both for its Surface Pro and Surface Book devices. So that’s a choice we need Google to detail.

The Pixelbook 2, meanwhile, was apparently spotted in an advertisement on Facebook. But, while the bezels are smaller, there isn’t anything else about the device in the ad that looks different from the existing model. With that said, the Facebook ad shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

Both Pixelbook devices are set to mark Google’s advanced push into hardware. As of late, we’ve seen the company expand its business from software to hardware. Now, Google would like to challenge Apple and other companies in all areas of consumer technology.

Alongside the new Pixelbook devices, Google will introduce the Pixel 3 and maybe even a few more products. Everything will go official on Tuesday, October 9.