Google will announce the Pixel Slate next month. It’ll be a tablet that, when supplemented with a keyboard attachment, turns into a laptop for enhanced productivity. There will even be cross-platform capabilities between Chrome OS and Android as the platforms have been developed to cooperate. Now we understand just how versatile the Pixel Slate can be for users.

The Pixel Slate, known as ‘Nocturne’ internally, should be joined by the Pixelbook 2. But it won’t be nearly the same in terms of specifications. While the Pixelbook 2 should stay in the high-end range, the Pixel Slate might be a low-cost alternative. The prices for either haven’t leaked, though.

It would certainly help Google’s growing hardware business if the Pixel Slate enters the market at an affordable price. Chrome OS devices are popular; however, last year’s Pixelbook was too expensive to generate major sales.

Check out what the Pixel Slate looks like here:

The keyboard that leaked, by the way, doesn’t belong to Google. It comes from accessory maker Brydge, which had built a staging website for products that are set to launch soon. Google might release a first-party keyboard, but you’ll have the opportunity to choose a third-party alternative if you so wish.

From previous leaks, it seems like the Pixel Slate will have a USB-C and a fingerprint scanner. Both are standard on phones and tablets, but most computers still don’t ship with a fingerprint scanner. As for Chrome OS devices, that form of biometric authentication is unheard of.

Also, the Pixel Slate’s display should have a 3:2 aspect ratio like its sibling. The resolution will likely come in at Full HD. Maybe that seems unusual, but it helps for productivity-related tasks.

If the Pixelbook 2 and the Pixel Slate aren’t exciting enough, look forward to the Pixel 3 and the Home Hub. Google’s October 9 event will be anything but boring. There are plenty of products and services in the pipeline, and some surprises could pop up as well.