What you need to know

  • Three hands-on videos of the Pixel 4 have been uploaded to YouTube.
  • The videos showcase the Pixel 4 in very high-quality, including its design, software, and more.
  • We also get a look at a new "Screen attention" setting and the updated Camera app UI.

Google's been making an initiative this year to stay ahead of Pixel 4 leaks, but over the last week or so, that plan doesn't seem to have done much good. Following an endless stream of hands-on photos and some low-res videos, we now have three high-quality videos showcasing the Pixel 4 in its full glory.

The videos were uploaded by YouTube channels AnhEm TV, Duy Thẩm, and Rabbit TV and they offer the best look we've had yet at Google's upcoming flagship.

We've already had a good idea of what the Pixel 4 will look like, and these videos further confirm its design. The recently-leaked "panda" color of the Pixel 4 is shown here, and it appears to have a matte/frosted texture to it. This is also true for the phone's frame, and we get a nice look at the bright orange power button. The camera hump is large, but at the very least, it doesn't look to protrude too much from the backside of the phone.

The Pixel 4 in the video is, unsurprisingly, running Android 10, albeit with a few settings that are specific to the Pixel 4 — such as Ambient EQ, Pixel Themes, a new Recorder app, and something called "Screen attention." A leak from earlier this morning mentioned that the Pixel 4 would use its Soli sensor to offer an ambient display of sorts that only turned on when the phone detected you were near it, and this could be another iteration of that.

Also in the video is a look at the Pixel 4's settings for the 90Hz display, an updated UI for the Camera app, and more.

In the video from Rabbit TV, we get to see all three colors of the Pixel 4 — including the gorgeous Coral model that's recently been making its way around the internet. The Coral Pixel 4 also has a matte finish similar to the white one, whereas the black model is very glossy.

We still have about a month to go before Google's expected to unveil the Pixel 4, so who knows what else we'll see leading up to that.

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