Just as you can tap or talk, the Pixel 3 will let you complete actions using a squeeze. Google confirmed that Active Edge, which was introduced with last year’s Pixel phones, makes its return for the upcoming flagship duo. It’s not surprising at all, and Google rolled out a teaser video to generate some hype for the feature.

Active Edge was designed by HTC, labeled ‘Edge Sense’ for its own products. But the feature was repackaged for Pixel phones and, after Google acquired a large portion of the Taiwanese company’s mobile division, became standard. So the squeeze-friendly style isn’t going anywhere.

This week, Google Japan rolled out a teaser for Active Edge on the Pixel 3. It shows, well, a bunch of squeezing. From hugging to balloon-popping to hand-holding, there are various types of squeezing to be had. Then the clip ends with Google’s Pixel 3 appearing in silhouette form and getting squeezed for good measure.

Here’s the video, which runs for less than a minute:

If you haven’t already, check out the countless leaks that have exposed the Pixel 3. Google might’ve done a poor job at hiding its high-end phones leading up to the announcement, but there will still be excitement. We’re bound to see some Pixel 3-exclusive features that everyone else would love to have.

Google says it’ll make the Pixel 3 official on Tuesday, October 9. The Pixelbook 2, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub are expected to arrive on the day as well. Of course, there could be some surprises to generate buzz. But we’ll have to wait until the actual event for any of that.