In the future, Google would like to see its Pixel phones sell in volume. But it can't get there if no one knows about the products and their features. Well, advertising exists for that reason. It's no surprise that Google's purchasing an endless number of spots across all types of media. You'll be hearing about Pixel phones in ads for as long as mobile devices are part of our lives.

Watch Saturday Night Live? The Pixel 3 made an appearance in a digital short over the weekend, but it wasn't to poke fun at Google's flagship. Instead, the clip turned out to be sponsored. Even worse, Saturday Night Live couldn't usher in any humor.

The clip shows what castmember Kyle Mooney's daily life looks like. He goes to a laundromat, watches someone do a flip on a bicycle, reminisces about family memories, and records a video of himself singing. NBC uses Saturday Night Live for comedy, but nothing from the clip elicits a laugh. It's completely awkward to watch.

Here's the entire digital short, courtesy of Saturday Night Live:

Elsewhere, Google has pushed the Pixel 3 with celebrities and some of its most popular features. All of those ads are perfectly highlighting what puts the Pixel 3 ahead of its rivals. There isn't any awkwardness or ambiguity that leaves you wondering what the ad should accomplish.

With how the sponsorship deal with Saturday Night Live went over, the Mountain View-based company should stick to in-house ads. Saturday Night Live got a check for its content, but the result isn't anything short of embarrassing.