Google might introduce two budget-friendly Pixel phones in early 2019.

The Pixel 3 Lite has already leaked online several times, but maybe it'll be joined by another model that's slightly larger. Insider Steven Hemmerstoffer, whose track record holds up, says the Mountain View-based company could be rolling out a 'Pixel 3 Lite XL' as well. It'd be a two-product pairing much like the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL are.

Between them, the specifications for these upcoming Pixel phones should be very similar. The main differences would be found in overall size and battery capacity. Otherwise, Google plans on selling two mid-range devices that are much more affordable than its flagships.

It's unclear when Google will announce the Pixel 3 Lite. There isn't much time left in 2018, but the company could show up at CES in January. Another possibility? The Pixel 3 Lite goes official during MWC in late February. Since that's a trade show taking place overseas, Google would stand a better chance at speaking to its target for the Pixel 3 Lite.

In emerging markets, Google wants to drive hardware sales and tie more consumers into its ecosystem. The rest of the world appears to be very saturated with mobile devices, but there could be an opportunity to expand in countries like India where plenty of growth lies ahead.

The hardware division isn't slowing down. Google released another wave of products this year, so adding more Pixel phones shouldn't strike anyone as a surprise. Now we wait, and in the next few months, there might just be an affordable Pixel phone to consider.