When pictures of the Pixel 3 leaked, fans immediately started to debate about the device’s deep display notch, which seemed to feature two cameras.. Turns out, Google could be using a front-facing dual-camera setup because of a new “Super Selfies” feature that will reportedly beat everything else on the market.

9to5Google spoke with sources who claim the Pixel 3’s Super Selfies feature will be similar to the selfie portrait mode found in the iPhone X. Apparently, Google is so proud of its technology that it’s eager to see how people respond to the camera.

In addition to support for a selfie portrait mode, one of the front-facing cameras will also feature a wide-angle lens, allowing users to capture more of the scene around them.

The report also claims the dual-camera setup might support facial recognition features, similar to Apple’s iPhone X. However, the source 9to5Google spoke to wasn’t convinced Google would make that feature a priority with this release.

If consumers respond poorly to the deep notch and dual-camera setup, Google could ditch the design as early as next year, according to 9to5Google. “Google has apparently not committed to this idea for the long run as of yet and will evaluate whether [the] second camera is needed and the reception of new selfie features accordingly.”

As for the Pixel 3’s rear camera, the report claims the device will introduce a new Visual Core chip, which will further expand the device’s capabilities. Google’s Pixel smartphones are famous for the quality of their cameras, so we’re expecting big things once the Pixel 3 is released.

With the amount of Pixel 3 leaks over the past few weeks, you’d think the device was already available. But, if history repeats itself, Google likely won’t announce its new device until October.