The Pixel 3 might soon be in the hands of social media influencers. Following a few weeks in which they’ll get hands-on time, Google should go live with all the details.

In early October, we expect Google to introduce the Pixel 3 during a hardware-focused event. But the exact launch date for the Mountain View-based company’s latest flagship has stayed out of the spotlight. That has changed due to what appears to be Google accidentally going forward with a not-so-subtle way of revealing when the Pixel 3 will make its global debut. The 2018 flagship could be announced on Thursday, October 4.

Google didn’t make the error so public, but a listing on its own Famebit site shows that influencers are needed for the Pixel 3. It describes how Google wants “Canadian Creators” to switch to the new high-end phone and make a video describing their experience.

Famebit, by the way, connects advertisers and content creators around the world.

The big unknown is that Google may not have created the listing itself. Brandon Lee, who made the discovery over the weekend, and Android Police do believe the details are legitimate. For the listing, it’s impossible to see who the author is.

It would align with Google’s last two hardware-focused events in San Francisco. The date, October 4, was used in both 2016 and 2017. There must be some type of luck on that day, or Google just appreciates consistency. Even if this listing turns out to be bogus, the likelihood that the Pixel 3 goes official on October 4 remains strong.

So far, there’s little reason to believe the Pixel 3 won’t debut on October 4. Now go ahead and take a look at the various Pixel 3 leaks that have surfaced online in recent weeks. Despite its best efforts, Google can’t keep the phone in the dark for two more months.