Google can’t stop the endless run of leaks and reports on the eve of its Pixel 3 event. If there’s time left of the clock, there’s still an opportunity for information to slip out. Now we have another soon-to-be-official press render from a trusted source. Maybe there will be more to come, but for Google’s sake we hope this is the last of what’s getting exposed until showtime.

Evan Blass, who’s dipped in and out of the Pixel 3 whirlwind, revealed the top-of-the-line model in white. It’s already been leaked several times, but this specific shot hasn’t been offered up.

Both the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL are set to be sold in at least three colors. In previous leaks, we’ve seen black, white, and pink. There might be a mint-colored variant; however, we have no visual evidence of its existence. So stick with the three-color selection until further notice.

Here’s the photo, which Blass put on Twitter this morning:

Between the two models, there shouldn’t be too many differences. The Pixel 3 XL, though, will have a notch at the top of its edge-to-edge screen as well as a better OLED panel and a larger battery. Otherwise, we’re looking at two high-end phones from Google that’ll meet most consumers’ needs.

Android Police also obtained a photo of a first-party Pixel 3 case. Google will sell fabric-based cases as it has for the last two Pixel phones. The accessory was spotted in Target.

With this accessory already in a national retailer’s store, the Pixel 3 and the Pixel 3 XL could go on sale sooner than anything expected. That’d make sense considering pre-production units were already stolen over the summer. Google needs to hustle and release its flagship duo immediately.

As for the official unveiling, TechnoBuffalo will be serving up live coverage from New York City throughout the day. Join us for wall-to-wall coverage on the Pixel 3 as well as the Pixelbook 2, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub. Expect some surprise from Google, too.

The live-stream starts at 11:00AM ET on Tuesday, October 9. We’ll have a link to that as soon as its available.