Google could shake up its color palette for the Pixel 3. It was already known that the flagship would be sold in black and white shades as those are standard for mobile devices. But you should expect there to be a pink-colored variant, too. There aren’t any pictures, but the information comes from a reliable source.

Roland Quandt, a mobile industry insider at WinFuture, says there will be a third color in the max that we haven’t seen yet. He didn’t put forward a photograph, but you can use your imagination. The Pixel 3 had made countless appearances in leaked photos and videos over the last few months.

The insider refers to it as “Sand,” and thus Google might use that name. Other media outlets are describing it as pink because a previous leak suggested so. Google created a staging website that showed a Pixel phone silhouette in black, white, and mint. Shortly after, a pink version surfaced online.

Here’s what the specific shade of pink could look like:

Meanwhile, we don’t know what the other colors will be named. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see Google reuse Just Black and Clearly White.

Everything will be confirmed in just a few weeks. Google has its annual-hardware event scheduled for Tuesday, October 9. As we’ve mentioned, the Pixel 3 won’t be alone. The Pixelbook 2, Pixel Slate, and Home Hub are expected to join it. So, if you’re into Google’s products and services, make sure that bank account is well-funded this fall and winter.