DxOMark's score for the Pixel 3 was released this week, with the publication concluding that Google's latest flagship doesn't have the best camera on the market. In fact, the device doesn't even crack the top five.

The Pixel 3 received a combined score of 101 (photo and video), the best ever for a device made by Google. It ties Apple's iPhone XR as the top single-lens camera system on the market. But Google's device doesn't quite reach the excellence of its other competitors.

According to DxOMark, some of the Pixel 3's pros include good detail and preservation in most tested conditions, fast autofocus, and fairly good detail preservation in zoomed images. Some of the device's cons include slightly to low exposure, visible color shading in low light conditions, and some color fringing.

Worth noting is that DxOMark tests devices in their default settings, which means features like Night Sight weren't considered during testing. Night Sight is one of the industry's most innovative features in years and something consumers should definitely consider before purchasing Google's device.

Looking at the rankings as a whole, the Pixel 3 falls behind devices like the P20 Pro, iPhone XS Max, HTC U12+, and Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, just to name a few. All of these handsets feature multiple sensors and lenses, which ostensibly provides a superior smartphone camera experience.

Google is obviously capable of a lot thanks to its unrivaled software and machine learning. But how much longer will it stick with a single lens? That might be a question that's addressed when the Pixel 4 is released next year.

You can read DxOMark's full report at the source link below.