The Pixel 3 is the first Google device to feature an all-glass back that allows for wireless charging. To keep the Pixel’s patented two-tone design, Google made a portion of the glass frosted to keep the signature look. Unfortunately, the device’s durability has been called into question as many users are discovering unwanted scratches.

In adding the frosted glass, Google added a matted layer to the glass that’s easily scratched. Multiple YouTubers have been experimenting with the glass to see what type of materials scratch the frosted finish and if the scratches can be possibly removed.

In his teardown of the Pixel 3, YouTuber JerryRigEverything scratched the back of the device and tried removing the scratches with water, soap and a toothbrush, but nothing worked. The scratches were too deep to be removed. He notes that the frosted glass back is acting like a level 6 (on the Mohs scale) abrasive similar to a chalkboard to any metal that is softer than a level 6, hence the irremovable scratches.

Essentially the metal tools are leaving a residue behind (the scratches) that cannot be removed. He also confirmed that brass (level 3) residue can be cleaned off but steel (level 5.5) residue will not. That means everyday items you carry around in your pocket like keys and coins can easily leave scratches.

Hopefully, next time Google just includes the frosted glass finish under the glass instead of over it, bypassing this whole scratching issue.

Until then, you might want to invest in a case or skin because like it or not, scratches will start showing up on that shiny new Pixel 3.