Just when we thought the problems were going to stop adding up, the display on the Pixel 2 XL starts flashing for some. Google’s latest flagship has experienced screen burn-in and a number of additional issues early on, and most of it can’t be fixed with a software update. Yet the company doesn’t believe it needs to take a close look at the production line to figure out what’s wrong.

Now there’s a new bug in which the display is giving off a brief, bright white flash every time it’s turned on or off.

Here’s what the flashing looks like:

Google hasn’t issued a statement just yet, but all who are affected by the bug should share their experiences on the Google Product Forums. The more visibility the issue gets, the more likely the company is to step in. And, if you really can’t manage, just exchange your Pixel 2 XL for a new unit.

A similar bug, according to Android Police, also surfaced for the Nexus 6P after that phone was updated to Android 8.0 Oreo a few weeks ago. So that means this is purely software-related. Google won’t have to face more pushback to stop selling the Pixel 2 XL as it figures out what LG did wrong. Instead it’ll simply have to deal with angry customers and critics who are puzzled by an $849 having a subpar display.

Currently there’s a temporary fix that might work, though it’s far from guaranteed. Owners of the Pixel 2 XL can turn the ambient display on and off to possibly stop the display from flashing. Assuming that doesn’t work, you’re left to exchange the phone or wait until Google rolls out a software update.