It has become routine whenever a new phone is released, we want to know how easy it is to repair. The newest Android flagship hogging all of the attention right now is the Pixel 2 XL with its improved design and out-of-this-world camera. So, how easy is it to repair if you accidentally shatter the display? Surprisingly easy, earning a solid score from iFixIt.

With the infusion of premium glass and metal designs in smartphones, repairability scores have been trending downwards. But LG, the maker of the Pixel 2 XL, did a solid job assembling the Pixel 2 XL with multiple modular parts that are easy to replace.

Just like any other phone, in taking the Pixel 2 XL apart, you have to start by removing the front glass. This is the first generation of the Pixel line that has a water and dust proof design, so tearing it down may damage the adhesive and seals, so keep that in mind.

Most of the inside design of the Pixel 2 is similar to its predecessor. Two cables connect the display to the motherboard. A magnesium midframe separates the display from the rest of the innards. Removing many of the other components like the camera and battery is fairly easy. But we should note that last year, HTC made it super easy to remove the battery with an easy peel label, but LG doesn’t afford the luxury with the Pixel 2 XL.

One of things I was looking to see from the iFixit teardown was how LG worked in the squeezable feature. Turns out its just a flexible printed circuit that lines the frame of the body to activate the squeeze functionality.

Overall, the Pixel 2 XL earned a repairability score of 6 out of 10. That’s on par with the iPhone 8’s score of 6 and an improvement over the Galaxy S8’s score of 4.