Just yesterday we reported Verizon and Best Buy were offering a massive $450 discount on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, yet it seems the two decided to go one step further. You can now score a $500 discount off the Pixel 2 XL—arguably the best Android phone available—cutting its price down to $350.

Here’s how the deal breaks down: Verizon sells the Pixel 2 XL with 64GB of storage outright for $849.99. But currently it is offering a $300 credit in the form of $12.50 monthly credits spread out over 24 months.

However, if you go through Best Buy, you can snatch an additional $200 credit bringing the discount to $500. Verizon customers can pick up the Pixel 2 XL for $350, which totals out to 24 monthly payments of $14.57.

The only downside to the deal is that you have to sign up for Verizon’s installment plan for two years. But seeing as that’s how most people finance their phones anyway, it seems like a worthy trade off to save $500.

Much like that Galaxy Note 8 deal, Verizon and Best Buy have not announced how long the deal will last for. We have a feeling it will only be around for a couple of days, so best take advantage of it before it disappears for good. Again, remember to go through Best Buy’s site and not Verizon. That’s the only way to get the full $500 discount.