Certain things about the Pixel phones are exclusive, but Android’s open lifestyle allows those features to be ported over to other devices. The latest example of that is Portrait Mode. When the Pixel 2 launched several months ago, Google proudly introduced the mode to compete against Apple and Samsung’s offerings. Well the feature is already accessible on every Android device running Oreo (8.0+).

With a tailor-made version of the Google Camera app installed, you’re able to take advantage of what Pixel 2 owners have been using for months. It’s a simple mode, though, so don’t expect to dramatically improve your shots. If anything, you’ll notice focus is a little better with enhanced blurring around the selected object. And, for those of you with an older Oreo-based device like the Nexus 5X, it’s going to be pretty tough to notice big changes.

Here’s how to get Portrait Mode on your Android phone:

  1. Open the Chrome app (or any other web browser app)
  2. Visit this link where the modified app is available
  3. Download the app, accept Chrome’s prompt that this is coming from an outside source
  4. Follow the direction to accept installing apps through Chrome
  5. Launch the app, swipe from left to right and select “Portrait”

Now you’re ready to take pictures using Portrait Mode, a feature that only the Pixel 2 can officially access through the Google Camera app today.