Loyal customers from the past are getting an incredible discount on Google’s latest flagship. The company started sending out emails this week letting Nexus owners know they can upgrade to the Pixel 2 at a much lower price than what everyone else has to pay.

Anyone who receives the email from Google gets a one-time discount worth 20% off the Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL in any storage size and color. Whatever variant you want, you can save on.

Here’s how the discount breaks down:

  • Pixel 2, 64GB: $519.20
  • Pixel 2, 128GB: $599.20
  • Pixel 2 XL, 64GB: $679.20
  • Pixel 2 XL, 128GB: $759.20

It’s an incredible deal since the Pixel 2 starts at $649, and the Pixel 2 XL is a whopping $849. Also, Nexus owners have to be feeling their phones are getting outdated. Both the Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X from 2015 are no longer guaranteed software updates aside from security patches; therefore, it’d be wise for those owners to take advantage of Google’s offering.

If you’ve received the email from Google, your one-time discount needs to be used by February 28. The usual pricing goes back in effect for Nexus owners at the end of the month.