Holiday shopping has officially begun, so Google is rolling out a new television advertisement for the Pixel 2.

The ad highlights all of the things you can do with the company’s latest flagship. People of all ages and backgrounds ask Google if the phone can do something specific, and of course, the Pixel 2 passes their tests. That’s why Google says “Ask more of your phone” when discussing the Pixel 2.

Here’s the video:

There’s a bit of humor to the ad, but Google doesn’t really showcase any unusual instances where you’d use the Pixel 2. Everything seems completely reasonable. Some of the people wonder if the phone can take a selfie using just your voice, eliminate shakiness from videos, order a sandwich, communicate with connected devices in the home, store an unlimited amount of photos, and charge quickly.

If you can think of it, the Pixel 2 can probably do it.

Although Google Assistant is showcased a good amount of the time, most of the ad is actually about Pixel 2-specific features. Things like Now Play, water resistance, and unlimited cloud storage on Google Photos get highlighted.

It’s smart for Google to release a new ad during the holidays, but a big problem is that the Pixel 2 remains sold out on the Google Store in multiple configurations. Like last year, Google can’t keep its phone in stock when it matters most. By the end of the month, let’s hope that gets sorted out and people can buy exactly the Pixel 2 they want.