Earlier this month, Pixar released the first trailer for its latest original movie, Coco. It follows a wondrous boy named Miguel (Anthony Gonzalez) and his adorable puppy Dante as they venture into the Land of the Dead. But if that wasn’t enough, we got another short titled Dante’s Lunch: A Short Tail that features Dante in an adventure involving a magical bone.

On a seemingly inconsequential afternoon, Dante is shuffling through a garbage can looking for a treat as he hears Hector calling his name. This leads to Dante falling over on the trash can while a banana peel slides off his face. Dante then quickly notices a random bone just lying on the street as if it fell down from heaven. He stares at it with utter glee and moves to bite it when the bone suddenly comes to life and escapes.

Dante chases it down with great persistence in a journey that takes him up a rooftop, through little pop up cactus and lucha libre shops and eventually drops him off at Cementerió Santa Cecilia, a cemetery. The whole raucous chase is intercut by reactions of skeletons on papel picado. It turns out the bone is the forearm bone of a skeletal figure. Upon seeing the complete bone character, Dante begins to drool and is off again chasing the unknown character.

We geta better look at Coco

The short features Pixar’s exceptional animation and attention to detail. It gives us a few more details about the movie. We get a peak at Hector’s family eating dinner, possibly his grandma removing flower petals and the bone character Dante is so enthralled by that may play an important role in the movie. Anything else we know about the movie is quite limited. Since the movie is still many months away, Disney will try to keep details under wraps for as long as possible, but the new details are welcome.

Dante’s Lunch: A Short Tail is a super cute short that’s worth a watch. Check it out down below.

Coco will be in theatres November 22.