Okay, so maybe Steve Jobs was wrong about the iPad’s size — apparently the Mini is becoming quite the go-to device for Apple fans — but that doesn’t mean he isn’t missed. That other Jobs operation, the little animation studio known as Pixar, has quite the fitting memorial for the long-departed visionary who poured his heart (and millions of his own money) to keep the company alive in its earlier years.

And now, about a year after his passing, a Pixar employee tweeted out an image that illustrates how the company is honoring the man — by naming its main edifice after him.

The Steve Jobs Building

The honcho’s name is plastered in front, cast above the main threshold in a rather clean, modern-looking font that Jobs himself would’ve appreciated. It’s rather fitting — he was a key player in the design of the whole building.

Previously, Pixar included dedications to Jobs in Brave and John Carter. Ashton Kutcher is set to play the legendary tech founder in the upcoming jOBS film, set to debut in 2013.

[Via Pixar Times]