I love Pinterest… so much so that I actually have to manage my usage. For an addicted link-tracker like myself, it’s a dangerous place. I start out looking for cool ideas for dinner and wind up on shopping sites for living room wall art. (Yes, I need help.) But I think it may be time to return to this visual wonderland of slick-looking stuff. Last week, the social pinning site released a neat little feature called Rich Pins, and if it takes off, it could help curb the “deep dive” I’ve been so helpless to resist.

A Rich Pin offers a tidbit of extra info related to a given piece of eye candy that can help users decide whether it’s worth that extra click to go to the original site. For rich recipe pins from places like Martha Stewart Living and Epicurious, info can vary — from cook times and servings to ingredients. Product pins spanning 20 different retailers can display pricing and whether it’s in stock. Movie pins from Flixster, Netflix or Rotten Tomatoes may include viewer ratings, cast and director, plus active links to the original sites. The company also made “pin it” buttons available in select mobile apps, so users can pin while they’re on the go.

Really, the tidbits of info available there vary, depending on what Pinterest’s partners want to include, which can open up a richer — and much more efficient — pinning experience.




Have you tried Rich Pins? Let us know if you find the new feature handy or not in the comments.