If you’re using Gmail, did you know that there are more than a dozen experimental Google Labs features that you can turn on to help pimp your email experience? In this article we’ll talk about five of the most interesting.

To get access to the Labs features, just log in to your Gmail, hit Settings in the upper right corner, then click the Labs Tab, as shown below.



The Offline feature is ideal for catching up with email when you have no internet access, such as while on a plane or in a car. Using this feature, Gmail will wait until you’re back online to send mail, and will also syncronize read/unread and deleted states. To get this to work, you must install some files locally (Gears). Learn more…


Inbox Preview

When you first load Gmail, you get the “loading” progress bar, often for a few seconds (depending on your connection speed). Turning on this feature will give you a quick email preview, like shown below, so that you don’t waste time staring at a blank screen.


Don’t Forget Bob

Often times you probably send an email to a certain group of people (a work group, study group, etc). Trouble is, you usually do this by memory, and sometimes you forget to add a name or two. Using this feature, Gmail will consider your email history and suggest other contacts to add to a group email.

Undo Send

Oops…did you not mean to send that email? Avoid the situation by enabling this feature. It will wait about 10 seconds until it actually sends the message so that you can press the Undo button if you decide against sending the message.


Back to Beta

Miss the days when Gmail was still in beta? Bring back the beta icon by flipping on Back to Beta.


Have you found any other Google Labs features for Gmail to be especially useful?