Pilotwings Wii U Smash Bros

It looks like Nintendo might be diving into its library of classics for the stage collection in the new Super Smash Bros..

The image at the head of this post comes from Nintendo’s Miiverse. Within the Miiverse is a “Director’s Room” for the upcoming Super Smash Bros.. That Director’s Room is, according to the page, the “official source for the latest Super Smash Bros. series news and information straight from the director himself, Masahiro Sakurai.”

Sakurai posted the image above along with what essentially translates to “Today’s piece. Remembering this island!!”

The island comes from Pilotwings on the SNES. As someone who dumped hours and hours into that flight school game with the oddest of endings, I recognize Pilotwings instantly.

While Sakurai obviously doesn’t indicate what that island has to do with the next Super Smash Bros., it’s likely that he and the team are remembering the landscape in order to create a brand new stage for combat.

Super Smash Bros. will hit the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS sometime in 2014. We’ll be following the game closely until then. While you wait, why not flip through a massive gallery of screenshots for the game below?