Oh, hi everybody! Just like that, Nintendo has announced that not only is Pikmin 4 in development, it is also “very close to completion.” The quote comes straight from the mouth of Nintendo’s one-man-think-tank Shigeru Miyamoto while speaking to Eurogamer.

“We can confirm that Pikmin 4 is in development but that is all we can confirm at present.”

The interview dates back to July, so is it safe to assume that Pikmin 4 is even closer to being finished that before?

We last played the series back in 2013 with the critically acclaimed release of Pikmin 3. The series has found a happy little niche as one of Nintendo’s few properties to break away from light-hearted and fun platforming and deliver something a bit deeper in the strategy genre.

Pikmin 3 brought a lot of improvements to the formula set by the first two games, so a lot of pressure will be on Pikmin 4 to bring about more changes. Miyamoto did not confirm what console it will be released on, so it could be the Wii U or could be a highlight of the NX launch. We’ll find out more in a Nintendo Direct soon, I bet.