Gamers and sports aren’t exactly the most natural fitting pair in the history of recorded man. Why exercise your legs when a Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation controller can give your thumbs the same strenuous workout?

Luckily, Japan is looking to change the attitude of lazy gamers and the entire national mindset at the FIFA World Cup in Brazil this year with the aid of Earth’s most popular yellow rat.

Pikachu has himself pasted right on the front of the Japanese National Soccer Team’s “home” jersey thanks to a collaboration between Adidas and Nintendo to get the Japanese population to get involved with sports, the National Soccer Team, and more outdoor activities. We had heard the official announcement of the collaboration, but I had no idea it was going to be taken to the extent where Pikachu is actually on the soccer field.

Thinking back though, Nintendo did promise to get more involved in exercise and outdoor activities, didn’t it?

The jerseys are on sale in Japan for 7,400 yen ($73) along with plenty of other Pikachu emblazoned merchandise. Sign me up for one please, but dang, Bulbasaur is still the cutest of the bunch in that adorable jersey, isn’t he?